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Renting on PEI - A Guide for Tenants

This publication is for residential tenants on Prince Edward Island. The law that applies to most residential tenants in PEI is the Rental of Residential Property Act and its Regulations. The Act and Regulations explain the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants. They also explain what you or your landlord can do if one of you isn't respecting the law. The publication is available in four languages.

Renting on PEI: A Guide for Tenants La location à l’Î.-P.-É. : Un guide pour les locataires تأجير في جزيرة الأمير إدوارد
دليل للمستأجرين 爱情岛租房须知

A Guide for Landlords - Renting on PEI

This publication is for landlords and property managers of residential rental properties, including apartments, condominiums, and houses. This publication explains your rights and responsibilities as a landlord or property manager. You may also find this publication useful if you are thinking of renting out a property you own or buying a rental property.

Renting on PEI: A Guide for Landlords