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Utilities are services such as heat, water, electricity and internet. Utilities may or may not be included in your rent. It is a good idea to ask which utilities, if any, are included with the rent payment. This information should also be written in your rental agreement. A change in services while you rent could be considered an illegal rent increase.

Below you can find potential services and facilities that your landlord could include as part of your rent:

Above Image: Example of services and facilities from the standard form rental agreement.

If utilities are not included in the rent, it is a good idea to research the costs for each utility you plan to use. You may be required to pay deposits to the utility companies, in addition to new connection or reconnection fees.

Utilities may be more expensive in the winter when it is colder and there is less light. Consider the difference in price when deciding where to rent.

Energy Efficiency

You can save money by making small lifestyle changes. See Energy Savings tips from the Government of Prince Edward Island for ideas.

You may be able to access programs to help you save money on utilities. Check out efficiencyPEI for more information.